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What about comfort?

For me, what I reflected on earlier this morning was that comfort meant being in a safe place. And that comfort has been a value of mine for decades! In fact, Comfort has been my go to geode card (see below) for the last few years. Like many things, there is a light (a positive aspect) and shadow (a negative aspect) side to comfort. Sure, who doesn't want comfort, but at what cost?

For instance, I like comfort so much, I will go to the same restaurant over and over again. They know me. I know them. I know the menu. More importantly, I know what to expect. All of these factors, add up to me being comfortable. The cost? As my wife would contest, "not experiencing other cuisines, restaurants, places, neighborhoods, and so."

How Comfort has played a part in my life and how it has informed my actions goes well beyond my restaurant choices. For now, I will end my reflections here.

What brings you comfort? What does comfort feel like? What does comfort look like? Does comfort come at a cost? What makes you feel uncomfortable?

And may you live with a peaceful heart.


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