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Nancy Belza



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Nancy Belza is Founder and CFO of Dyalogues, PBC., a communication, education and services firm at the forefront of a global movement dedicated to death literacy and improving end of life experiences. Nancy is committed to transforming our culture’s desire and ability to engage in courageous conversations and to connecting people to what they value most in life, and to each other.


Nancy combines natural compassion and innate storytelling abilities with over 25-years in the financial services industry, personal passion born from experiencing a close personal friends’ death, and 15 years of mental health advocacy, to help people face end-of-life conversations and planning prepared and empowered.


Nancy’s business expertise is diverse, having worked with Fortune 500 companies and in start-up situations, domestically and abroad. Prior positions include Divisional Director of Distribution, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and Director of Training and Development, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management International.


Nancy served on the Executive Board of Tamalpais High School PTSA, and spent 5 years bringing social-emotional and wellness programs to families in the district. She recently completed serving 17 years on the Board of Buckelew Programs, a large mental health non-profit in the SF Bay Area. 


Nancy’s favorite card: LOVE

"Because it’s what matters most of all, and must be shared above all else"


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