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Geode Toolkits


The Dyalogues Geode Cards and Guidebook Toolkits are designed to illuminate our Core Values with ease. We call these the Gems of our lives.


Whether you are navigating serious illness or are just curious, a professional caregiver providing support, or a loved one looking to deepen connection, learning to excavate Geodes makes it possible for the Gems of our lives to act as Guideposts, so you can always find your way to the Heart of what matters most.

Why Geodes? Learn more HERE

The Dyalogues Geode Deck and Guidebook Toolkit may look like a simple deck of cards because they’ve been designed to be exactly that.

Simple. Familiar. Easy to use.

Yet what makes them go beyond a deck of cards is the experience built inside. Decades of clinical work and thousands of conversations excavating what matters most is why, when you crack open a box of Dyalogues Geode Cards and Guidebook Toolkit, what YOU experience is:


Acting like a powerful compass, even when a person feels lost or uncertain, the Dyalogues Geode Deck and Guidebook Toolkit illuminates what matters most, making it possible to navigate new terrains of life at any age and every stage.

Find the toolkit that's best for YOU. 
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Come Explore with Us

We LOVE and are grateful for our team of collaborators. Please get to know them and help us spread their LOVE:

All art within this toolkit has been created by Ally Sutton, designed specifically for Dyalogues to make Geode Excavating a joyful exploration.

The Guidebook has been designed by Deanna Fong, crafted to ensure that digging into these conversations is easy and rewarding.

Layout support by Bruce Rettig and the team at Charter Advertising made the path to printing a straight line.

Because we care about our environment as much as every individual’s experience, all printed materials were crafted using 100% recycled papers and non-toxic inks by our friends at Bacchus Press.

Every kit is hand assembled with LOVE by Dyalogues.

Seeding LOVE
Why Geodes?
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If you've ever encountered a geode, you may notice a few distinct features. 

gem illustration.png

First, their exterior gives you no clue what lies inside. In fact, if you don't know what you're looking at, you may not even realize what you've stumbled across. 

gem illustration.png

Second, cracking a geode open takes skill. Without a practiced approach, you run the risk of never discovering the gems that lay inside. 

gem illustration.png

Third, when you do uncover the magic within a geode, you quickly discover two things: the outside never predicts what you’ll discover on the inside and, no two are ever alike!


Sound familiar?


 Turns out, when it comes to discovering what matters most, people are a lot like geodes!

gem illustration.png

The outside of a person doesn't tell you what is on the inside

gem illustration.png

No two are alike

gem illustration.png

If you don't learn how to excavate with intention and skill, you may never discover the most precious treasures within

THE DYALOGUES' GEODE DECK AND GUIDEBOOK TOOLKIT is designed to help you discover and define your personal values, communicate those values to your loved ones, and implement them in your and their lives. The Geode Deck can be used again and again to continue the exploration because life is dynamic and the changing light always illuminates new insights.


The more you practice, new facets of each gem reveal, reflect and illuminate what matters most. These explorations are designed to be done with others, so as you excavate your gems, you can begin to advocate for others to discover and share their own. And this is where the real treasures start to sparkle. Every day conversations begin to shine light on what matters most to you and those you love. Once illuminated, these gems become guideposts for you and your loved ones as you travel the Map of The River of Living.

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“Thank you so much again for …sharing the geode cards with us! Time really did fly by and led to some amazing conversations. I am excited to share it with other people.”

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