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DYALOGUES was born out of a need to make a safe space for people to explore and discover and ultimately communicate what matters most. 


Our Mission: We make it possible to navigate complex life transitions guided by Love. We create products that bring comfort to those in need of comforting, enriching the ability of caring communities and caregivers to care deeply.

Our Vision: A world where Communicating Love is at the heart of every conversation

Our Values:
Love: Being seen, heard and held
Play: Creating an environment that invites Curiosity and Joy
Integrity: Respecting life in all its varied forms
Sustainability: Prioritizing what matters most in our lives, our relationships and our planet
Magic: Invoking the wonder of a 5 year old with the wisdom of the Ages


DYALOGUES is here to make navigating complex terrains of life easier. No matter how rocky or unclear the path, the first step always begins with Excavating your unique Core Values. We call these the Gems of our lives. Once unearthed, these Gems act as Guideposts offering directions along all areas of the Map we call The River of Living. With practice, every step becomes an opportunity to shine light on the facets of your Gems, so they continue to reflect and illuminate what matters most. 

Like a Compass for our Map, Dyalogues uses four key elements to support people navigating complex life transitions: education, training, access to experienced professionals and supportive resources and materials. Using these navigational tools, Dyalogues is able to illuminate the various paths along the River of Living. A lay of the Land creates opportunities for you to explore, discover and practice sharing what matters most so the people around you can support you in living fully right NOW.

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We aim to use our business, our actions and our voices to Communicate Love. That’s why DYALOGUES is a B* corporation. A portion of our proceeds supports removing the barriers that hinder access to advocacy and support. We seek to work with people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to empower discovering what matters most so complex life transitions become navigable and are ultimately an experience of Communicating and Receiving Love. 


DYALOGUES: Creating a safe space to communicate what matters most.


We are so happy You Are Here.


Let’s dig in!

B as in Benefit Corporation. DYALOGUES is built to do Good in the World, for the World. Every product and experience are designed with intention. Only ethically and eco-consciously derived materials are utilized. Our prices are designed to nourish our artists, crafters and creators while making it possible to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that continue to seed and nurture Love.


Nancy Belza


Nancy Belza is a Relationship Manager, Business Development Consultant, Training Specialist, and planning activist.


Paul Puccinelli, LMFT


Paul Puccinelli, LMFT, M.S. is a psychotherapist, healing circle facilitator, educator and national speaker.

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