Healthcare Services

How do you ensure that the healthcare delivered is exactly the healthcare desired?


At Dyalgoues™, we begin with curiosity…and a conversation. Communication is as much a skill as it is an art. And like all aspects of medical training, it can be taught and practiced. Dyalogues™ is here to support healthcare providers of all disciplines to be empowered to engage with patients and families to discover what matters most in their care, so that the care that matters is the only thing delivered.

Expected Outcomes

Declaring what is most important to us while we are well, gives us the best opportunity to live life fully. What is essential becomes magnified and everything else begins to melt away.

Learn why our current healthcare system errs on the side of quantity over quality of life and how you can clarify, advocate and align medical services to support you and those you love. The distinction between Hospice and Palliative Care will be highlighted as well as the benefits and limitations of Advance Care Directives and other healthcare forms.

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