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What are you doing to broaden the conversation and deepen your connection with your clients?


Fostering meaningful and effective conversations between financial professionals, their clients and the next generation is vitally important to a family’s long-term financial well-being, as well as the long-term health of the client-advisor relationship. Dyalogues™’ programs aim to place the trusted Advisors in the middle of the legacy planning conversation, and provide a springboard for value-oriented intergenerational conversations to occur.

Expected Outcomes

Through captivating stories, powerful tools, easy to access resources and actionable ideas, advisors and their clients awaken to the possibilities of meaningful and effective intergenerational conversations and learn to transform the way they approach and integrate wealth transfer and inheritance planning discussions, from being highly technical to more life oriented, legacy driven and based on the client’s personal values and wishes. Participants are coached on becoming accountable stewarts to their financial and emotional legacy and compelled to bring end-of life planning conversations across the generations to fruition.

  • Learn how and why end-of-life conversations create opportunities to deepen connection and build trust
  • Develop a communication plan and tool kit to retain existing clients and their families and engage new generational families as clients
  • Expand Death Literacy, emotional intelligence, and reduce stress and stigma around end of life discussions
  • Utilize an interactive and practical tool to initiate and engage with ease in meaningful value-oriented end-of-life conversations
  • Sharpen your listening, empathy and curiosity skills and expand your emotional toolkit to bolster strong family, community, and inter-generational connections
  • Engage in communication to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of family discord, resentment or conflict due to disagreement and confusion
  • Learn to bring families together around both shared and personal goals and how to position yourself as the family “legacy advisor”

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