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What could be possible if everyone in your company had the capacity for difficult, empathetic conversations?


Whether you manage the HR department for a Fortune 500 company or a team at a young start-up, Dyalogues™ programs can help you and your employees get comfortable with the uncomfortable, expand death literacy, emotional IQ, and capacity for focused listening, empathy, and curiosity.

Workplace courageous conversations are about challenging current practices and fostering growth through difficult conversations.  Dyalogues™ programs help companies and teams navigate grief, death, and loss by expanding listening skills, providing and acting on feedback that can lead to more understanding, connection, respect and support amongst employees.

Expected Outcomes

Business is better when people inside the organization are operating at full capacity.  Part of building capacity in your leadership, teams, and culture is to cultivate empathy, compassion, and trust. We design customized workshops and training to enhance your team’s ability to function and perform together.

  • Build trust, resiliency, and capacity in leaders, teams, and employees
  • Foster culture of empathy and compassion
  • Surface shared values between employees and organization
  • Deepen inter-personal relationships among leaders and teams
  • Navigate death and dying situations affecting culture
  • Skill building for inquiry, listening, and communication
  • Expand well-being, self-understanding, and purpose

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