Interactive programs to springboard life-changing conversations and elevate connections.

Bringing Courageous Conversations to Life

Dyalogues™ is a communication and education company at the vanguard of a global movement dedicated to death literacy and improving end of life experiences.

Training, Consulting, Keynotes, and Workshops

Our programs amplify engagement and increase long term life fulfillment for teams, communities, and families. Through surfacing personal values and preferences, we foster cultural and social empathy and build self-awareness and compassion. We spearhead strategic partnerships and activities to deliver practical and sustainable solutions for society's benefit.

Let us help you ensure stability in your affairs by exploring options typically unchartered in conventional interpersonal and business conversations.

Sample Workshops and Training Topics:

  • Courageous Conversations
  • Plan Well, Live Well, Die Well
  • Death Literacy
  • Proactive Planning and Documentation
  • Capturing Generational Values and Family Legacy
  • Navigating Healthcare
  • Team Building and Communication
  • Talking to Kids about Death
  • Planning Elderhood with our Aging Parents

We invite you to contemplate articulate, and realize your vision of the life you wish to live today, beginning with the end in mind.

Program and Training Timeline

We deliver the following sequence of services in order to empower key leaders and individuals to facilitate courageous conversations on their own. Plus, we deliver direct experiences to individuals, clients, teams, and employees. Because life is dynamic, we don't believe in having a single conversation, but rather a series of dyalogues that shift as life changes.

Customize Programs for


Financial & Wealth
Management Companies

What are you doing to prepare for the great wealth transfer ahead?



How do we ensure that the healthcare delivered is exactly the healthcare desired?

& Businesses

What could be possible if everyone in your company had the capacity for difficult, empathetic conversations?


What is the “right” age to start talking about death?


Caring Communities
& Non-Profits

Why talk about death when we are so busy living?

& Families

What are the things that are not being said?

Look who's joined the Conversation...

Recent Speaking Engagements

ALCA Conference

Phoenix, Arizona 2019

Progressive Connections

Brugge, Belgium – Death, Dying in the 21st Century 2019

Purposeful Planning Institute

Denver, Colorado 2019

ReImagine End of Life Annual Conference

San Francisco 2018, New York 2018

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