Dyalogues™ is a public benefit corporation whose mission is to cultivate conversations that empower people to live their best life today, tomorrow, and through their final exhale.

Our Story

Dyalogues™ was born from a shared passion to change the stigma associated with the end-of-life conversations. Drawing from the disciplines of Medicine, Psychology, and Business, we create and deliver innovative, thought-provoking, and interactive programs that stimulate and spark high-impact idea exchange, collaboration, and high-end value creation.

We aim to enable society and individuals to live at their fullest capacity, by starting with the end in mind. Our non-threatening, entertaining, and interactive programs aim to open up lines of communication on important issues which so profoundly affect us all.


The Dyalogues™ framework was created by a team of interdisciplinary professionals who are committed to bringing new communication and connection solutions to their respective industries. We believe that declaring what is most important to us when we are well, gives the best opportunity to live life fully. What is essential becomes magnified and everything else begins to melt away.

Dr. Dawn Gross, MD, PhD HEALTHCARE Co-Founder

Dr. Dawn Gross, MD, PhD


Dawn Gross, MD. PhD. is a palliative medicine physician dedicated to transforming end of life conversations. Earning her BA from USC and a combined MD and PhD from Tufts University School of Medicine, Dawn completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Tufts, followed by fellowship training in Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant at Stanford and post-doctoral research at UCSF.  

Considered a national thought leader on end of life care, her work has been featured in Science, JAMA and the New York Times. An invited speaker nationally and internationally, Dawn founded a first-of-its-kind live, call-in radio program, Dying To Talk, produced at San Francisco’s National Public Radio station.

For more information visit www.DrAsYouWish.com.

Nancy Belza Business & Communications Co-Founder

Nancy Belza


Nancy Belza is a Relationship Manager, Business Development Consultant, Training Specialist, and planning activist. She combines natural compassion and innate storytelling abilities with over 25 years of financial services industry experience, personal passion born from experiencing a close personal friends’ death, and 15 years of mental health advocacy to help people face end of life planning prepared and empowered.

Nancy’s business expertise is diverse, having worked with Fortune 500 companies and in start-up situations, domestically and abroad. Prior positions include Divisional Director of Distribution, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and Director of Training and Development, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management International.

Nancy served on the Executive Board of Tamalpais High School PTSA, and spent 5 years bringing social-emotional and wellness programs to families in the district. She currently serves on the Board of Buckelew Programs, a large mental health non-profit in the SF Bay Area.

Paul Puccinelli, MS, MFT PSYCHOLOGY Co-Founder

Paul Puccinelli, LMFT


Paul Puccinelli, LMFT is a licensed therapist, community advocate, parent educator and national speaker.

Paul maintains a private practice in San Rafael, California with three main areas of clinical focus – couples therapy, children psychotherapy, and support for individuals and families dealing with grief or end of life issues. Paul draws upon a variety of evidence-based clinical therapeutic approaches. He is certified in Mindfulness Adolescence and Child Psychotherapy, and Play Therapy. Paul has completed Level III Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Level II Training in Complicated Grief therapy from Columbia University. 

Paul is a graduate of Caring for Others, the Sati Center for Buddhist Chaplaincy Training, and UCSF Palliative Care Education, and is currently participating in Healing Circles Leadership Training at Commonweal, Bolinas, CA. 

Paul has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University of California, and a BS in Business Marketing from San Francisco State University.

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